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By existing in vignettes of self creation, I abandon the ordinary, escape the mundane and reject the patriarchy.


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Kelsie McNair is a photographer and designer living in the South Bronx and Virginia. She runs her own small businesses, spends a lot of time working on digital imagery and makes clever things with her hands. She will play in almost any material and has knack for tilting her head side to side while looking at weird or wonderful things. Daily lurkables - Lifestyle Instagram // Art Instagram

Peering through the photographic lens of Kelsie McNair, we encounter carefully curated spaces that transform the commonplace into wistful romance—a feeling more poetic than reality. These nostalgic scenes transform into a memory that preserves a moment of wonder, filling the lonely spaces of our everyday lives.

Ms. McNair’s daydreaming practices were born in childhood during the annual separation from her mother, in her Native state of Virginia to stay with her father in the woods of Wisconsin. Her breadth of work includes photography, floral design, styling, songwriting, sculpture and performance. She uses vintage objects to tell stories and create a vignette of the past to serve as both an archive and a way to reconnect to those she has lost in her life. Her research delves into the Victorian language of flowers, and their historical meaning as relates to traditional, societal female ideologies of beauty, love, sexuality and preservation


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