T a k i n g   s h a p e 

Taking Shape is a 3D stained glass class that explores color, light and form through the creation of abstract glass sculpture using the Tiffany stained glass method. The class is open to beginners or intermediate students who are interested in glass. Each pupil will learn basic glass cutting, cold working with grinders and dremel, copper foil, soldering, and finally the assemblage of said sculpture. In addition, you will be learning some stained glass history, along with a bit of color theory. The goal of this class is to connect students to a new way of thinking about glass sculpture and form taking into account the  stories told throughout history, and find their own way of expression through cold glass. Photos from January 2018 at Urban Glass in Brooklyn New York

Piece It Together: Stained Glass Design

Flat glass design is a workshop for beginner students interested in stained glass objects. Students will learn basic skills for working with flat glass like cutting, grinding, copper foil and solder. This class will also discuss simple stained glass design and be centered around making an object you want to have displayed in your home. Never worked in glass before? Join us in making your first ever stained glass object.

For All Handkind Workshops

Springtime Pressed Flower coasters at O'connors Brewery, 2017